Monday, May 14

A caller reported a moose headed toward a residence near Carr’s Cove.

A caller reported a person was handling trash inappropriately on Deishu Drive, possibly creating a bear attractant. Police said the junk in the yard was not putrescible waste, so did not meet the borough code definition of a bear attraction nuisance.

Sunday, May 13

A caller reported a domestic dispute at a downtown residence. An officer responded and stood by as the person packed up some items to move out. The caller the next day reported an acquaintance had taken items from their shared residence without permission and was advised this was a civil issue and not a criminal case. Police served a restraining order on the acquaintance.

A caller reported a domestic dispute that took place the previous evening, with a couple yelling at each other on Young Road.

A person reported a caribou hide on the beach at Mud Bay and was concerned it would be a bear attractant. An officer responded and determined the hide did not pose a problem.

An officer reported a small slide across from the ferry terminal that left debris on the road.

Saturday, May 12

A caller reported her purse had been taken, but later found the purse.

A caller reported receiving repeated hang-up calls from an 800 number.

A caller reported that participants in the Chilkat River Walk, Run and Ride were creating a hazardous situation for drivers at 17 to 19 Mile Haines Highway.

Friday, May 11

A caller reported being harassed telephonically by an acquaintance. Officers located the alleged harasser and served a restraining order.

A caller complained of loud music being played at 2 a.m. at 1 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and the music was turned down.

A caller reported finding a discarded vehicle registration tag. Dispatch told the caller the tags had been discarded by the registered owner.

A caller from a Main Street business advised that a vehicle had been parked there for more than an hour. Dispatch contacted the vehicle owner, who agreed to move it.

A caller requested advice regarding harassment from a second party, and an officer provided options.

Thursday, May 10

Public works reported a vehicle that had been abandoned for more than a year on First Avenue, and the owner was notified to move it.

Two reports were made regarding vehicles parked on Main Street longer than the one-hour time limit.

A person turned in a leather folder that he found in the roadway. The folder contained cash and a passport, and police contacted the owner to pick up the property.

Wednesday, May 9

A caller reported her identity was used to gain a credit card. The incident is under investigation.

A caller reported someone shooting a gun at 7 Mile Haines Highway. The caller was told the activity is legal.

A caller reported they had been contacted via phone in violation of a domestic violence order.

A caller reported a large bonfire near a trailer court at 1 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and said everything was fine.

Tuesday, May 8

Road crews were advised of a report that a tree fell onto the roadway near 1 Mile Lutak Road.

A drunken person was reported at 1 Mile Haines Highway and a state trooper drove the person to a residence at 26 Mile.

A caller reported a stop sign down at the corner of Second and Main.

There were 14 medical calls and no calls about dogs.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.