Monday, Feb. 27

A business owner was assisted locating the owner of a vehicle parked three days at Third Avenue and Old Haines Highway.

A caller requested Dalton Street be sanded due to ice.

A caller requested a family member’s doctor call her. The message was relayed.

Sunday, Feb. 26

A post office patron reported an electrical current running through a pedestrian ramp there. It was determined there was no current there.

A caller reported a broken door and possible trespass at a Front Street home.

An officer conducted a traffic stop and issued a verbal warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Saturday, Feb. 25

An officer provided a courtesy ride to two individuals from a local bar and restaurant to their motel.

Responding to a report of a person riding on top of a van on Front Street, an officer conducted a traffic stop and issued a citation for reckless driving. The person aloft was a visitor with a video camera.

A caller reported a child had hit another child. An officer determined no crime had occurred.

Friday, Feb. 24

In two separate incidents, children playing with telephones dialed 911.

Two traffic stops resulted in citations for expired registration and defective headlight and warnings for expired license and defective headlight.

Thursday, Feb. 23

A caller reported a dog attempting to break her yard fence to make contact with her dog.

Wednesday, Feb. 22

A driver involved in an accident requested information on filling out a form.

A resident reported a trespasser on their rental property but determined they had permission from the renters.

Tuesday, Feb. 21

A caller reported receiving a fraudulent e-mail stating that a relative was stranded in another country.

State road crews reported a vehicle at 7 Mile Haines Highway needed to be moved.

Public works was notified after a caller reported a street light out.

A caller reported their vehicle had been backed into in a parking lot near Main Street and Sixth Avenue on Feb. 19.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for failure to use a turn signal and expired tags.

There were 19 medical calls and four canine calls.

The Haines Borough Police Department can be reached at 766-2121.