Sally McGuire’s letter begged this response. I’ve known Karen Hess for many years. She is a hard-working, intelligent businesswoman who has done much for that part of the local economy created by the visitor industry. She and husband “Duck,” my friend of more than 40 years, started River Adventures from virtually nothing to what it is today. It’s easy for some, who’ve contributed little or nothing to the betterment of this community, who’ve never had to meet a payroll, never created a job and who’ve never had to weather the mindless opposition from “wing-nut” groups, to be critical.

Some local ferry employees have actually bragged that because of their state jobs “they don’t need Haines” and, therefore, care little about the welfare of those who are having a more difficult time. Much of what they consume comes in freight-free and tax-free on our ferries. How nice!

We now have a beautiful dock and attendant facilities to meet and greet visitors from all over America. It is available to all, but must be managed in the interest of public safety and smooth, shoreside operations. I’m sure, Sally, very little, if any, of the 1 percent “tourism tax” came from you! Finally, the “Greg Goodman issue” and the resulting recall effort will be decided by the voters. It did pass legal standing.

Thanks for all of your hard work, Karen and Duck.                                      

Terry Pardee