Develop our old school complex into a downtown information center with a multipurpose community use complex, beautiful park, community information kiosks, large outdoor music/performance gazebo and it becomes a community “asset rather than liability.”

Creating a “heritage” display with Native totems, old mining and logging equipment produces a reason for visitors to spend more time in our town. Benches, flower gardens, fruit trees and well maintained grass would enhance our downtown area. The gym could become our downtown local artist gallery and home business outlet where visitors could visit and purchase local goods. Sell space to pay for operational costs and generate Borough sales tax revenue! A couple well placed “banners” would draw visitors! It becomes a central point for visitors to determine what is happening and available in our town, a reason for visitors and ferry travelers to dwell a little longer! Selling approximately 1/3 of the property would permit expansion of our downtown commercial section and pay for improvements.

Here’s an opportunity to make striking and beautiful changes to our downtown area and permit conversion of an old school facility into a winter community exercise center with operational costs paid by user fees. But FIRST clean up the Borough’s unsightly mess left from last year’s demolition disaster! This is still an ugly, unsightly and nasty “scar” right in the heart of downtown Haines! If the Borough moved any slower, they would be going backwards! Tell your Assembly member – “GETTR DONE”!

Joe Poor