May 14 1973

Fire marshall calls church blaze arson after investigation

The fire which destroyed the Haines United Presbyterian Church last month was caused by arson it has been determined. The fire was found to have been set in at least seven places. Regional Fire Marshal Gordon Brunton recently made public his findings. He estimated the loss at approximately $170,000.00. 

“The only way to prevent another fire of this type,” Brunton said, “is for the community to be aware of the situation and to alert local authorities to any information it may have.”

May 6 1999

Garbage rates will likely increase 90 percent this month and the City of Haines is talking about buying Haines Sanitation in the wake of sweeping changes in disposal the local landfill company says can’t be avoided. 

Pushing up what had been a plan for later this year, the company will begin shipping waste from Haines – instead of burying it – by July 1. 

The firm also has made a fina; decision to pursue incineration as the long term solution to environmental problems with landilling, company co-owner Tom Hall told the city council. 

May 16, 2014

Assembly endorses new office in trailer

The Haines Borough is looking to buy a 450-square-foot trailer to use as extra office space despite having an empty desk at the administration building and empty offices in the public safety building. 

The $12,500 “mobile office” would be located behind the administration building on Third Avenue. 

Manager David Sosa said the trailer would be used  as a “temporary” office for public facilities director Carlos Jimenez and as an on-site office for upcoming construction projects like Third Avenue improvements.