I’d like to thank Ms Fullerton for her years of dedicated service to our community, but what’s the point of being so over-dramatically negative? Many caring community members, including myself, have dealt with years of political abuse from assembly members and others that we don’t agree with. I don’t get it. It’s obvious from Ms. Fullerton’s quotes in last week’s paper that her advice/opinions were not on the same page as the assembly/planning commissions. Both of these bodies were recently elected by the majority of the community that she seems to “care too much” about. Why point fingers and make broad, generalized accusations on the way out the door?     What good comes of this?  Last week’s CVN stated that Ms. Fullerton said that regarding the Lutak Dock, the new assembly’s “suggestion to move to a different design was offensive.” Sounds like Ms. Fullerton may find the majority of the voters in this community offensive for thinking differently than she does.

   To departing borough officials… please, in the future, try to not add to the divisiveness of our community on your way out. Just move on and support the community that gave you a great living and experience in this incredible place, that we all love and are all doing our best for because we, all of us, “care too much” — not just our outgoing borough clerk.  

Scott Carey