We are rapidly approaching our traditional saak (hooligan) harvest in Jilkáat Kwáan and Jilkóot Kwáan (Chilkat and Chilkoot rivers). We, as Lingít people, are asking our community to please refrain from the following so we may hold Ceremony for our returning saak. 

-Please do not bring your dogs to the harvest area. Canine feces are a huge biohazard. Harvest takes place by the bridge and over to our Culture Camp near the lake area parking.

-Please do not throw rocks into the stream.

-Please do not create loud noises or booming music.

-Please stay on the road, for those not directly involved with our harvest.

We appreciate your kind consideration as we continue to share this beautiful homeland we call Lingít Aaní


        –  Skeenyáa tláa (Nancy Keen) Yeíl ~Lúknax.adí (Raven Moeity – Coho Clan)