We find ourselves with much to be grateful for, and too many people to thank, after the birth of our daughter this January. To friends, neighbors and family who provided a meal, a gift, advice or support, thank you! Thanks to the wonderful nurses at the Haines clinic for your welcoming, calming presence. Thanks to doctors Sherban, McMahan and Widmer for thorough and compassionate care and expertise. And to doctors Underwood and Newbury at Juneau OB/Gyn for their patience, clarity and guidance. Finally, the most impactful care (which we will truly never forget) came from the incredibly hard-working OB nursing team at Bartlett hospital — especially Hailey, Kate, Angela and Chelsea — your warmth, support, care and diligence was crucial. It is overwhelming how much love we received from so many people. Words cannot express how grateful we are for you all.
There’s something about this quirky region of Southeast Alaska that attracts people who are passionate, dedicated and kind-hearted. The beauty of the people here is perhaps a reflection of the beauty of the environment around us.

Erik, Kayla and Lumi Stevens