In regards to the Jan 25, 2024 CVN story ‘Company looks to install Haines’ first 5G tower,’ I was naive enough to say “What?!? Hadn’t the good folks out Lutak way recently-ish (a year or two ago) said no to a 5G tower, wasn’t that Haines saying no? Why is Atlas Tower hunting and thinking we’re amenable?” I’m not the only one in this town who’s noticed that everything touched by Big Money, (Pharma, Tech, Ag, whatever), only comes up with ideas meant to injure, kill or enslave us. There’s grand data tracking and collecting forces inside every 5G tower, such a fabulous tool for the slave-makers! This quote toward the end of the article “Some fear the technology could have yet-unknown adverse health impacts. Major health organizations have concluded that 5G doesn’t pose any health risks.” Speaking for myself, I don’t operate out of fear — I operate out of a basic sense of how life works, and I push back on that predator culture whenever an opportunity arises. Those major health organizations lie constantly, big tech buys its own studies to insure they look good. If you want to know about 5G and health effects check out the book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg, Nonfiction (get that? real stuff, not lies) 612.01 FIR, which I bought for our library. Sign up for his newsletter, ( He doesn’t write often but always reports on 5G damage from people around the world now. 

Evelyna Vignola