1194 bald eagles – The total number Takshanuk Watershed Council biologist Stacie Evans counted on Dec. 14 during her routine survey, the highest number so far this year. That makes 2023 the latest on record for the peak of the eagle count.

1,379 pounds – The amount of fudge sold at Alaska Rod’s. The most popular flavor? Moose Drool.

4,083 total admissions to the Sheldon Museum – 2838 of them were paid for, while the rest were for locals and kids

73.08 inches of precipitation – At the W. Fair Drive NOAA weather station as of Dec. 18, the wettest year to date in the station’s 22 years operating, according to meteorologist Jim Green

43.3 degrees – The average temperature in Haines as of Dec. 18, the third warmest on record at the W. Fair weather station.

More than 50 – The number of dogs and cats adopted in Haines through HARK. 15 animals were rehomed, over 60 animals were spied and neutered, and over 75 received rabies shots.

12,000 pounds of bananas, 7,500 gallons milk, and 17,000 egg cartons – Sold at IGA throughout the year.