Haines High School staff and students would like to give an enormous and heartfelt thank you to the 45 community members who took part in our week-long career week Nov. 27-Dec.1. People from 10 different industries volunteered their time to impart the wisdom learned over a lifetime in a varied array of jobs and careers. We had presenters from the fishing, tourism, trades, and mining industries, as well as from the nonprofit, small business, law enforcement, healthcare, state and borough jobs fields. Representatives from UAF and UAS were also here. We are so fortunate. Thank you Michael Wald, Stuart Dewitt, Rebecca Hylton, Greg Palmieri, Alekka Fullerton, Matt Boron, Shawn Bell, Cassidy Patton, Max Marty, Ryan Ackerman, Ray Alda, Kailey Pritzle, Liz Cornejo, Jake Hakala, Autumn Gross, Paul Carrington, Adrian Nash, Nick Russell, Dave Smith, David Lorentz, Carolann Wooton, Jake Mason, Steve McLaughlin, Caroline Hankins, Adam McMahan, Noble Anderson, Kari Johnson, Jen Walsh, Sean Reed, Alixanne Goodman, Al Badgely, Colin Nemec, Chris Gifford, Josh Price, Michael Fullerton, Travis Russell, Kyle Clayton, Janine Allen, Marley Horner, Stacie Evans, Travis Kukull, Rebecca Kameika, Kevin Shove, Nicole Lorentz, and Lex Treinen.

Kristen Brumfield