Azeta Dené Cruise was born in Juneau on April 9 to parents Roz and Mary Cruise. She joins siblings Carver, age 3, and Enza, age 7. The family is in Haines this summer from their home in Juneau. “We just love to bring our children to Haines to spend time with our family,” Mary said. “The kids’ favorite thing to do is play with their cousins Adze and Lolana Hart.” All the cousins rode in master Tlingit carver Wayne Price’s dugout canoe in the Fourth of July parade. The canoe was pushed on wheels by multiple family and tribal members all dressed in traditional Tlingit regalia. The Deishu Dancers drummed and danced their way down main street. 

Cassie Miller and Josh Benassi were married at Jones’ Point on July 3. The ceremony was originally planned for Pyramid Island, but winds forced them to celebrate somewhere that did not require guests to arrive via boat. Vanessa Wishstar officiated the ceremony. Josh’s mother, Sandy Ryan, with her husband, Bruce Ryan, visited from Colorado. Josh’s parents Mario and Natalie Benassi, of Haines, were present along with their other local friends and family. Cassie’s father Craig Miller with wife Trudi Miller were in Haines from their home in Arizona. Cassie’s grandmother Randi Povey also traveled to Haines for the event.

The couple’s son Corvus Benassi was the best man and their son Felix Benassi had intended on being the ring bearer but their rings never arrived in the mail. He transitioned to a groomsman for the ceremony. Friend Meghan Hart surprised Cassie and Josh with ring pops as a silly substitute for the delayed rings. 

Greg Schlachter and Chris Hill hosted a pre-wedding shindig at the Pavilion at Letnikof Cove on July 3. Their parents Jim and JoAnn Hill and Brandon and Beverly Schlacter visited Haines, joining about 100 of their local friends to celebrate. Travis Kukull roasted a pig and there were oysters from Salty Lady of Juneau. Desserts and cake were made by Costa Brava and Melissa Ganey took photographs throughout the evening. Katie Wendel organized the potluck style sides and pre-wedding toasts.

Renee Hoffman and Emily McMahan decorated the venue with locally grown flowers. Chris said, “It was a beautiful night filled with fun, good food, good laughs, and great people. We will officially get married on a farm in Maryland where I formally spent my summers.” Brad and Jolanta Ryan, with sons Atlin and Elias, came over from Skagway for the weekend to celebrate with Chris and Greg. Brad will be in the upcoming September wedding.

Twins Alyson and Kali Viche are visiting their grandmothers Phyllis Sage and Joanne Waterman from their home in Oregon. Joanne has been showing them around the kitchen and they are assisting in planning and preparing meals for the Guard House, the family business and home. They are looking forward to celebrating their birthdays on July 9. Phyllis is thrilled to have the girls in Haines again for their annual summer visit. 

Jordan Baumgartner with his sons Spencer and Parker are home from a two-week trip in Southwest Alaska. They spent a week camping and fishing on the Nushagak River with 30 members of their family. Spencer caught five king salmon on one of the days. The second week they spent in Dillingham visiting with more family.

Upon their return to Haines, Jordan and the boys were able to spend more time with their other side of the family. Jordan’s wife Keely Baumgartner’s sisters Carlee Young with her husband Will Young and Riley Erekson with her partner Matt Stief were in Haines visiting. They traveled from their homes in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Seattle. They enjoyed lots of crab, shrimp, Port Chilkoot Distillery drinks, Julian’s tacos, Alpenglow pizza, and coffee and treats from Mountain Market and Sara J’s. The group played many games of volleyball, baseball, badminton, and monikers. They attended friend Anna Jacobson’s June 26 wedding and visited with their parents Judy Erekson and Lee Heimiller.