Please take the time to sign the petition to the Haines Borough Assembly to cancel assessor Michael Dahle’s contract, which is up for renewal December 31, 2023.

Significant changes were implemented to Haines assessments for 2023. Dahle has implemented the first phase of a new mass appraisal methodology that combines insurance-based replacement cost with some market comparison data.

This exotic hybrid valuation model ignores actual market sales conditions for property, adding speculative costs to replace existing structures. The inevitable result of using this hybrid methodology is significantly inflated property tax assessments for many parcels above full and true market value.

I became aware of the changes in the Assessment Office’s approach when I received a “CORRECTED Assessment Notice” with a building value on a vacant lot. It was my expectation that this obvious error would be easily resolved. However, it took six months and two Board of Equalization hearings for resolution.

Most appellants did not receive justice in their cases. Many were intimidated into dropping their appeals and others were less successful during their BOE hearings.

These changes in the approach towards both the tax assessment methodology, and public interactions, occurred when Michael Dahle became the borough’s contract assessor. While researching Dahle’s background, it was discovered that he had recently “retired” from CBJ after less than three years of employment. He is also void of professional credentials as a certified assessor and is not licensed as an appraiser in Alaska.

Please sign the petition to cancel Dahle’s contract.