Sunday, Sept. 24

Bear broke into several impounded vehicles at the public safety building.

Residential burglary alarm was reported on Sawmill Road.

Juveniles were reported hunting ducks near the small boat harbor.

Monday, Sept. 25

Stolen game camera was reported.

Caller requested assistance with an ill dog.

Caller reported a bear broke into several vehicles at the ferry terminal.

Caller reported someone staying in a stored bus.

Phone was turned in and later claimed by owner.

Caller reported someone used their gold pans and sluice box.

Tuesday, Sept 26

Caller reported junked vehicles parked on their property.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

Caller reported a bear got into their vehicle overnight on Main Street.

Caller reported suspected fraudulent emails requesting banking information.

A vehicle slid off the roadway in Chilkoot State Park.

Second-hand report about a potential search and rescue was determined to be unfounded.

Thursday, Sept. 28

Multiple reports were received regarding bears getting into vehicles overnight.

Caller reported hearing gun fire on Dolphin Road.

An alarm was reported on Main Street.

Caller reported a bear trying to get into a dumpster on Main Street.

Friday, Sept. 29

Caller reported a bear got into their vehicle.

Vehicle was reported passing another vehicle stopped at a stop sign and heading into on-coming traffic on 3rd Avenue.

Caller reported hearing an injured dog on Sawmill Road.

Caller reported bears trying to get into cars on Skyline Drive.

Saturday, Sept. 30

Bear accessed a vehicle and dragged items out of it.

Caller reported a parked RV obscuring a stop sign.

Fire alarm was reported on Dalton Street.

Duck hunter was reported stuck and sinking in mud.

Caller reported smoke coming from a building.

There were two 911 hang-up calls, two canine calls, ten EMS calls, and six vehicle stops during this reporting.