Tom Morphet Is not fit to be borough Mayor.

He has a bad temper. He is vindictive. He has a foul mouth that most people would not use in a bar. The Mayor broke the tie vote to move the boat harbor project forward. Assembly member Tom Morphet spearheaded a move to cut the mayor’s wages by about half. Sometime later the Mayor was in the Haines Economic Development Corporation office which

was next to Tom’s office. He was ranting to someone on the phone. He was calling Jan Hill a dumb b_tch and other words I will not print. The HEDC director stepped out of the HEDC office and told Tom that Jan was in her office and they could hear everything he was saying. He told her that he didn’t give a f___ and kept on ranting about her and using very foul language. It was bad enough that the police got involved. The chief interviewed Jan, and I was at that interview.

After that, a police officer was at assembly meetings for about three or four meetings. I spoke during public comment and told the assembly how he had behaved. The assembly later

censured Tom for publicly releasing police complaints. He laughed about it at the assembly meeting.

Assembly member Tom Morphet verbally harassed the current police chief many times over the police blotter. The police chief field a written complaint with the borough against Tom

Morphet. According to a story in the March 7, 2013 edition of the CVN, “Haines Borough Police Chief Gary Lowe this week said Chilkat Valley News editor Tom Morphet threatened him

personally after a discussion about the newspaper’s access to police call logs.”

We do not need this type of person as our Mayor.

Paid commentary by Don Turner