I heard many stories about bear problems, them getting into trash, scrounging around yards, and aggressive behavior. Yet, I viewed bears on the Chilkoot River trying to eat and teach their young to catch fish while people followed to obtain close-up photographs. Bears couldn’t cross the road due to people crowding too close. One sow appeared agitated as she ushered her young the other way, running.

Bears should be fat now but aren’t. Yet sport fishermen can fish among the bears, where they have fattened up for years.

If bears charge or attack, they are labeled “aggressive.” Hostile bears are shot along with their cubs. An animals” aggression warns people they are too close for the bear’s comfort, but the bear pays the price. Homes have encroached on their space. Now, we have taken over their feeding location too.

Other areas have wildlife-viewing areas. It appears Haines needs some guidelines to solve the bears problem.

Solutions: 1) Close the river to fisherman, between the bridge and the weir. 2) Designate areas for people. 3) Close the road after 8 p.m. 4) Designate a monitor to fine those not complying. 5) No eating. 6) Limit the number of people down the road. 7) Close the far side of the river. 8) Close area to hunting.

I don’t see the problem with bears, but a problem with people.