The Haines Borough Assembly borough has recently developed a serious hearing problem. Too often they have not responded to, or acted on, issues that are clearly supported by a large number, if not a majority of Haines residents.

Hundreds of residents asked for more time to consider and comment on Constantine’s “amended” permit – an amendment so broad that it essentially mandates an entirely new permit. And yet the Assembly ignored (possibly didn’t hear?) this reasonable request of the people of Haines.

Then, almost every nearby resident of George Campbell’s heliport asked for a hearing to be held on whether the conditional use permit violated the borough’s own code. Only silence and refusal from the Assembly. Perhaps they did not hear the voices? The public asked for town halls to discuss the dock expansion. The result — NOTHING. Maybe they didn’t hear.

Now, with the Assembly seemingly pushing the mine project forward, an ad hoc citizen group needed to be formed with its own money and efforts to consider the impact on our community – and the Safe Haines Highway organization was formed. It has produced a professional report on some of the serious consequences that the markedly increased large truck traffic would have on Haines.

Have any Assembly members read this report and considered it? Maybe they have a reading disability also. The assembly needs to be listening to all the people in Haines and to act accordingly.

Bill Jurewitz