Recently I was asked if I would like to sign a petition making planning and zoning appointments an elected position. I inquired if there was a need for such a change and the response was that it would democratize the position through the election process and bestow a certain level of respect to the office holders.

I began to suspect there was an ulterior motive behind these well-spoken words. so I then asked if there was a problem with a recent decision the board had made or if there was an issue with a particular member that might have percipitated this move? Over the next few minutes our conversation became very interesting and the true purpose of this petition was eventually revealed.

In my opinion this is nothing more than an attempt to re-make the planning and zoning board into purely partisan political apparatus. Those who now disagree with the current makeup of the board or its decisions are seeking to create a new version with the intent of controlling its outcomes. Certain current members would in their words be “unelectable,” thus paving the way for their chosen occupants.

I caution you all to not be presuaded by this bogus attempt at “Democratizing” our planning and zoning board. It is a ruse to cover their real incentive which is to install like-minded ideologues and control yet another facet of our lives and our economy.

Mike Armour