An article titled “Covid vaccinations available for youngest children next week” appeared in the June 23 CVN. According to the article, Dr. Lisa Rabinowitz claims, “Covid-19 is the fourth-leading cause of death in children under 1 year old and the fifth-leading cause in 1- to 4-year-olds.” I have to ask the question: Where is the data supporting this claim? Where is the data showing the vaccine is safe and effective for children? Are we going to blindly believe such statements, especially when it comes to the health, safety and well-being of our children, or are we going to ask the important questions and not be satisfied until the data is presented?

Is it prudent to vaccinate, then find out through injuries the injections are unsafe?

According to the CDC’s reporting system, there have been more than1.3 million reports of adverse events following Covid-19 vaccines over the past year and a half. Should we trust these vaccines for children? This is too important to shrug off. Let’s be informed before vaccinating babies and young children who depend on us to keep them safe.

Diana Edwards