Come on people. You need to get out and vote. This election is very important because it will determine the course of our future. Voting is now open. Take a break from work and moose hunting and make sure you vote for Brenda Josephson and Richard Clement to be our voice. This is the time to be heard. We need to support their commitment to make Haines a better place. They understand the challenges we face and will continue to support the workers and the best interest of the community of Haines. They also understand that it is important to have an economy and that our roads and buildings need to be fixed and maintained. Now you need to make a commitment to get out and vote. Many elections are won or lost by just a few votes. This means it is important to get to the polls and be counted because your vote is important. Don’t turn your back on our future. Get out and vote and make sure your friends and family also vote for Brenda and Richard.

Tim Ward