Courtesy of Amanda Painter.
A group of Instagram models were in Haines this month as part of a Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures marketing campaign.

A bevy of Instagram models and “influencers” descended on Haines earlier this month as a promotion for Haines-based heliski company Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures.

Costumed in full spandex for an 80’s dance party, they hung out in front of the Fogcutter Bar and at Fort Seward Lodge. Fitness icon Lauren Abraham recently signed a five-year contract with SEABA as an ambassador athlete, according to Abraham. She was a former sponsored snowboarder, competitor and sports television host.

Abraham this week said she’ll promote SEABA through her company Lauren Abraham Entertainment Live.

“I want to shake up the industry with a fun, campy, lighter side of skiing, what it used to be in the 80’s,” Abraham said. “Show clients they can have real experiences that transform their spirits. You don’t have to be this gnarly pro to enjoy what SEABA has to offer.”

A recent highlight was a dance party on a glacier with a DJ and catered sushi, an experience she said people can buy “for a price.” Abraham was joined in Haines by friends she calls “a cast of babes.” She said she extended her trip here three times.

SEABA representatives were unable to be reached by deadline.YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN: