I am grateful the Haines Borough Assembly approved construction of temporary road access for Beach Road residents.

I am grateful that Roger Schnabel had the equipment, knowledge and courage to construct the temporary road. He didn’t stop there. Roger maintained a presence throughout the week assisting residents as needed, including constructing at least two temporary driveways for access as well as opening/closing the road each day. Roger is the hero of this story. Such gifting!

I am also grateful to the Beach Road residents who, despite their losses, worked tirelessly and with good spirit to retrieve what they could in the four half days the road was open. I am also grateful for others who volunteered their time to help those in need.

My hope is that there is a way forward for our Beach Road neighbors in getting power restored and most homes safely reoccupied soon.

So many people made this possible, for which I am extremely grateful.

Diane La Course