Mr. Dave Werner has bravely taken it upon himself to disprove the existence of racism in a town that is one half of one percent black. 

Perhaps if Mr. Werner ever meets a theoretical person of color, he could tell them it’s simply a coincidence that they are 5.8 times more likely to be imprisoned in this country than he is. He could advise them that if they simply followed the law like he does, they wouldn’t be two and a half times more likely to be shot by police officers.

Perhaps Mr. Werner could explain to them that the massive economic inequality that happens to fall along racial lines in our country is not related to history or racism but rather to the legendary “bootstraps.” He would say much, I am sure, about the straps of boots.

If Mr. Werner ever discovered a black person, he could tell them that they are now equal in our society because he’s no longer allowed to own them; he could graciously inform them that, in his own words, “Even interracial marriage is widely accepted.”

Perhaps he might, if he ever saw one.

Joe Aultman-Moore