Bryan Joseph Hinderberger and Joanna Jeanne Lende were married Saturday aboard the Haines-Skagway Fast Ferry M/V Fairweather, with Fort Seward as the backdrop. Family friend Glen Doherty of Saint Louis officiated. The couple’s parents are Chip and Heather Lende of Haines and Steve and Ann Hinderberger of St. Louis. Family of the bride in attendance included sister Sarah Elliott, husband Brian and children Caroline Cooper and Ivy Katherine; sister Stojanka Lynch, husband Nels Lynch, and daughters Lani and Silvia Rose; sister Eliza Dorn, husband Justin Dorn and son James of Juneau; and brother Christian Lende. Other relatives of the bride present included grandparents Joanne Lende of Virginia and Bob Vuillet of New York, aunt Karen O’Connor of Virginia, uncle Steve Lende and aunt Veronica Lende of New Hampshire, aunt Suzanne Vuillet-Smith of Haines, and her husband Norm Smith, and daughter Isobel. Family of the groom in attendance included sister Katie Casso, husband Kevin and children Mason, Kylie, and Addison of St. Louis, and aunt Carolyn and uncle Ron Hinderberger of Seattle. Guests also included friends Bob and Lisa Krebs, Mario Juarez of Seattle, and Steve and Bridget Niedhart of Florida. A reception at Letnikof Cove pavilion featured sockeye salmon and flank steak, with potluck sides. Cakes were made by Lily Boron and Sarah Jaymot. Music was performed by The Pimentos, including Colette Costa, Bob Krebs, Eric Holle, Gregg Bigsby, John Hunt, Tim June, and Kip Kermoian. The couple recently returned from their pre-honeymoon, a six-week vacation in Italy and Croatia. They also plan to go to Saint Louis this winter for another wedding reception. The newlyweds live in Juneau. Joanna is a first-grade teacher and Bryan works for the Marine Exchange of Alaska.

It’s a bit chaotic at the Lehman household this week. About 55 people are visiting to celebrate Roma and Carl Lehman’s 60th wedding anniversary. The five-day celebration is also serving as a family reunion of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their children are Teri Lee Kanahele, Mark Lehman of Palmer, Matthew Lehman of Australia, Roma Jean Tupou of Juneau, Michael Lehman of Tucson, Ariz., and Scott Lehman and Roseanne Sitauti, both of California.

Former residents Marie Matsuno Nash of Anchorage and Mary Sieg Motykiewicz of Port Angeles, Wash. visited Haines earlier this month. They stayed with friend Louie Meacock. Louie’s late wife Susan was Marie and Mary’s Haines School classmate in the 1950s and 60s. Former classmate Charles Williams traveled from Juneau to meet up with the group. The friends stopped by the Haines Senior Center and visited former teachers including Helen Tengs and Nicki Hopper. They also visited Cornelia (Henry) Devlin of Clinton, Wash., who was in town for a visit, and Cecilia David, Nora Krake, Doris Ward, and Joan Snyder.  

Gabe Lakey and Kathleen Fitzwilliam left Haines and moved to Salt Lake City. Gabe was a Lynn Canal Counseling Services case manager and REACH care provider. The couple moved to Haines five years ago for Kathleen’s job as a Lynn Canal Counseling Services clinician. She then became program director. They moved to Salt Lake City so Gabe could take a job in video production. Kathleen will work as a school-based therapist. They left Haines July 6 with the help of Kathleen’s father Geoffrey Fitzwilliam, a woodworker in Salt Lake City. Geoffrey traveled to Haines and helped the couple pack and drive the Alcan Highway.

Haines Assisted Living resident Pat Kistler celebrated her 95th birthday Monday with son Diz Kistler, Diz’s wife Mardell Gunn, and a group of HAL residents and staff members. Residents included Erma Schnabel, Ray Menaker, and Lucy Harrell. Staff included Cheri Hutchins, Betty Livengood, Maria Newman and Adrian Bochart. The group drove to Mardell and Diz’s home at 38 Mile. The birthday lunch included an assortment of fruits and vegetables from the home’s garden. Pat blew out the candles stuck in the raspberry cream pie made with berries from the garden.

Helen Edwards is leaving Haines Aug. 4 and returning to Tacoma, Wash. Helen lived in Haines for over two years. She worked for the Southeast Alaska State Fair, Chilkat Valley News, Buckshot and Bobby Pins, Chilkat Guides, Haines Assisted Living and Alaska Arts Confluence. Mother Mary Lynn of Tacoma is in town to help pack, volunteer for the fair, and help take care of granddaughter Sophie during the busy fair weekend.

Former resident Ellis Greene is visiting with friend Benny Maimon for a week. Both live in Boston. Ellis’ mother Nelle Jurgeleit Greene said they’re volunteering for the Southeast Alaska State Fair. They’ve already helped put up the Ferris wheel and carousel with Larry Jurgeleit. They also attended J.J. Lende’s wedding reception, and plan to go berry-picking.

Margaret Piggott attended the 60th wedding anniversary party for brother Michael and wife Norma Piggott in Toronto, at the Royal York Hotel on July 9. About 50 guests attended, including nephews Andrew Piggott, and wife Hiroko, and Stephen Piggott, and wife Deirdre, niece Diane Piggott-Hicks and husband Bartholomew, and six grandchildren. The in-laws then went to Michael and Norma’s cottage on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, near Lake Huron. The cottage is surrounded by uncommon pitcher plants and many rare orchids. On her way to Whitehorse, Margaret stayed with Betsy Albecker, the daughter of the late Barbara Kalen.