Mike Case, a former Haines Borough assembly member and mayor, has moved with dog Fox to the Palmer Pioneer Home. Case said that although it is quite a change from his Haines life, he appreciates the outstanding staff. “I miss my friends,” he said. “I listen to KHNS every morning to keep track of what’s going on.” Friends can send mail to Mike Case at the Palmer Pioneer Home, 250 E. Fireweed Ave, Palmer, Alaska, 99645.
Kris Miller foot-launched his paraglider from Mount Ripinsky on Wednesday, May 27th, and flew all the way to 19 Mile. “As far as I know, that is the longest distance anyone has paraglided in the Chilkat Valley,” said Thom Ely, who also paraglided from Ripinsky that day. Ely said perfect weather conditions contributed to the the long flight. “There were lots of thermals,” Ely said, “just like the eagles catch when they are circling over town.” He explained that when you get a warm day, the valley floor heats up and moisture on the ground rises to form cumulus clouds, which indicate the conditions are good for flying. “Cumulus clouds are a sign that there is lots of lift,” Ely said.
Teresa Katzeek shot her first black bear this spring. “It all went to sausage,” Ryan Cook said. “It squared 7 ½ feet, and the skull was 19 5/8 inches. That’s pretty big for around here, so we are going to have a front shoulder and head mount made with it.” They hunted for about 10 days together. Other highlights of the spring season included capturing a bear fight on the game cam, which film wildlife when triggered by motion.
Tiffany DeWitt graduated from a one-year intensive master’s program in early childhood education from Eastern Washington University. Her practicum involved videoing herself teaching, and then getting critiques from her professors. She would like to offer classes at the library to help spread the word of playbased learning and the importance of social emotional development. She eventually plans to teach early childhood classes to college students. “That’s my goal,” DeWitt said. “I’m going to give myself a year break, and then I’d like to get my doctorate degree.”
Results are in for the Haines Visitor Center photo contest. The contest sought photos that best captured the community. In the Professional Entry category, Erik Stevens won 1st place and a $1,500 prize for a photo taken in the Takshanuks above 13 Mile. The photo features the bright fall colors of the subalpine, and looks over the confluence of the Chilkat River and the Takhin. “We were goat hunting,” Stevens said. “Didn’t shoot a goat, but I did shoot a prize photo!” Anna Jurgeleit won 2nd place and a $1,200 prize, and Brian Staurseth won 3rd place and a $800 prize. In the Amateur Entry category, Gary Jacobson won 1st place and a $600 prize, Robert Chadwell won 2nd place and a $500 prize, and Angie Goodwin won 3rd place and a $400 prize. The Haines Visitor Center hosted the photo contest with the aim to build their photo library for future marketing and advertising projects. Entries were limited to residents age 18 and over.
Gracie the golden retriever gave birth to 12 purebred puppies last week, five girls and seven boys. Kim Larson, who runs a home daycare, said Gracie lets the kids hold the puppies. “They are doing great,” Larson said. “Most of their eyes are open now.”
Stuart and Lexie DeWitt celebrated their 10th anniversary on their first commercial fishing trip as a family with their children Charlie, Loralai, and Luke DeWitt, and grandpa Charlie DeWitt who helped deckhand. At Elfin Cove the kids enjoyed the playground, running along the boardwalks, and sport fishing for greenling. “We stopped in Gustavus and collected seashells and enjoyed the sunset,” Lexie said. “We saw killer whales multiple times as well.”
Mary Manuel celebrated her 90th birthday at a beach picnic with friends. “It was a small group because of COVID-19,” said friend Glenda Gilbert. Mary Manuel arrived in Haines when she was 23 years old with her sister, and married a local prospector, Richard Manuel, who is remembered for walking around town in his hard hat. Mary Manuel recently moved to Haines Assisted Living from her Union Street home.