By Sylvia Heinz
Four-year-old Zane Poirier tapped his first birch last week with his father, Josh Poirier. “We both drilled it,” Zane said. “I did a little bit but I was scared, so then my dad did it. Then a hammer to hammer it in.” According to mom Sherri Poirier, Zane checks the tap every morning as soon as he wakes up and continues to check for sap throughout the day.
Despite travel restrictions, migrating animals have returned on schedule. Rustin Gooden spotted a humpback whale off the Port Chilkoot Dock last week. At her home across the Mud Bay flats, Melina Shields saw a Northern Harrier, a king fisher, and a great blue heron. Teri Schlecht Winge saw the first hummingbird at her Small Tracts feeder on Saturday morning, and wondered if they are feeding on the pussy willows since few flowers are currently blooming. Molly Sturdevant reported a flock of Canadian geese at the flats in front of Carr’s Cove, and Kathleen Menke saw snow geese on the flats by Holgate Creek. For more bird sightings, tune in to the Bird Nerd Report on KHNS during Lynn Canal Morning, hosted by Pam Randles.
Royal Henderson has been hired as a research analyst at McDowell Group, the statewide research and consulting firm based in Juneau. Former City of Haines tourism director Susan Bell is CEO of the company, which was sold in January to Anchorage-based McKinley Capital Management. Bell and Jim Calvin previously co-owned the 20-employee firm. Calvin now serves as its senior vice-president.
The weekly open mic night usually hosted by the Pioneer Bar has finished its first month online in the Facebook group Haines Community Open Mic. Jo Goerner hosts and moderates the group, and participants post videos. Performers include regulars such as piano player Henry Leasia and singer Hannah Bochart, and individuals who would not be able to join the live event including residents quarantined in other parts of the world and children joining their parents. “The group is open to all but you must join the group to see any posts,” said Goerner. “The group itself is private out of respect for the performers.”
Despite a lack of guests, Helen Alten held her annual Greek Orthodox Easter feast Sunday. Alten typically invites a crowd to sample koulourakia (butter cookies), tsoureki (braided egg bread with red-dyed eggs), saganaki (flaming goat cheese), dolmades (lamb-stuffed grape leaves) and souvlaki (chicken kebabs). With only husband Tim Huber and children Brandt and Aurora for dinner, offerings were slimmed down some. “We got the fixings for baklava, but maybe we’ll do that tomorrow,” Alten said Sunday.
Sophie Hedden, 9, reeled in her first fish last weekend while angling with dad Andy Hedden on a sandbar near 21 Mile. Sophie reported the 14-inch Dolly Varden “flopped around, played dead and started flopping around again” before she got it ashore. Her dad and mom Jessica Edwards enjoyed the fish for dinner. Sophie, a vegetarian, abstained.
Melissa Aronson said Haines Friends of Recycling (HFR) had a slate of activities planned for the 50th anniversary observance of Earth Day on April 22. Social distancing requirements, however, have winnowed those down to a recycled art contest for students organized by Traci Wirak at the public library. Photos of entries are to be used for an HFR calendar project. Contact Traci through the library for more information. A plant sale scheduled for May 9 at the ANB Hall has also been canceled. Starts are available through Sabine Churchill, Blythe Carter and Kate Saunders.