Glacier Bears senior Kirby Faverty and junior Mark Davis were named to the Alaska Association of Basketball Coaches All-State team.

The coaches association polled coaches from each division to see which players they thought deserved to be on the all-state teams.

“I was pretty happy,’ Davis said when he heard the news. “It’s a pretty big honor to be on the all-state team especially because a lot of the people around the state I don’t even play against or really know. I don’t know how I compare with them especially because the state tournament didn’t happen this year.”

The Glacier Bears placed second at the region five basketball tournament in Juneau after defeating the Metlakatla Chiefs for the number two seed. The Glacier Bears were unable to compete at state when officials canceled the state championship due to COVID-19 concerns.

Being named to the all-state team was a silver lining for Faverty, the Glacier Bears’ lone senior and three-point hot shot, whose game against the Chiefs was the last of his high school career.

“It felt great,” Faverty said. “I was really happy that I made it.”

He remained positive about not being able to play for the championship.

“It’s very unfortunate, but it’s alright,” Faverty. “It’s understandable.”

Glacier Bears head coach Steve Fossman said Faverty and Davis were consistent all year, and that their place on the all-state team was well deserved.

“We’re really proud of them,” Fossman said. “Not only are they good on the court, they’re great off the court guys, coaches’ dreams.”

The Glacier Bears finished the season with a 13-8 record.