Paige and Michael Hoy welcomed baby boy Connor Owen Hoy on April 8 at 5:51 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. Michael was in the room for the delivery along with big brother Liam. The new family of four is doing well and is excited to get home, Paige said.
The annual Olen Nash Memorial Big Air competition was held Saturday at the Haines pass. The participants are judged on air, style and landing. Ira Henry, Dennis Durr and Luck Dunbar served as judges. This year the event was organized by Haines High School junior Carver Culbeck. Luck had previously organized the competition but is now passing the torch to a younger generation. “It’s for the youth, and keeping it in the loop with them, with kids who get out and do stuff like that is important,” Luck said. He also added, “Every year it seems like the weather can seem bad but as soon as the event starts it always opens up and the sun shines.” Winner in the beginner category was Dalton Henry, in the intermediate category Leo Wald, in the advance professional was Parkin Costain and the advanced was Kadin Doddridge. Top three winners received local prizes.
Tiffany and Brooklyn DeWitt have returned from a sunny week vacation in Lake Havasu, Arizona where Tiffany’s parents Toni and Charlie Dewitt have a home. Highlights included visiting Duck and Karen Hess in Parker, Arizona and jet skiing. Tiffany enjoyed playing Texas Hold’em at a popular pub called Gallagher’s where she won first and second place. Before heading home, the family headed to Las Vegas where they attended their cousin Tina Turnbull’s birthday party at an aerial arts arena. Funds raised for Tina’s birthday were donated to her children’s camp called Camp Spin Off.
Ted Cheney and Ted Hart and their families have returned from their friend Dave Dzenawagis’s funeral in Cape Cod. Dwenawagis died in an avalanche last month. Hart’s family brought Dave’s mother Linda and sister Amanda copper Tlingit art jewelry pieces carved by Don Hotch and Cheney’s family brought them an Alaskan spruce tree.
A chili dog fundraiser was a huge success at the Haines Senior Center last weekend to help with medical expenses for Ozzy Hickman. Ozzy has a rare congenital heart disease called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Usually children will undergo three heart surgeries and he is headed down for his third procedure. Ozzy and his mom Rita Brouillette will travel to Seattle soon and not return for a couple months to make sure all goes well. To support Ozzy and his family please head to GoFundMe to donate under, Ozzy’s Medical Expenses.
Cambria Goodwin has returned from winter surfing in Morocco and Bali. She also traveled to Malaysia to visit family friends and finally finished her trip with a visit to California before heading back to Alaska.
Kristy Schweinfus and her daughter Hazel spent a month and half enjoying the sun with her parents, Robert and Kathryn Legassie, in Englewood, Florida. Hazel got to feed flamingos and hold a baby alligator at Sarasota Jungle Garden and they also visited the Tampa Zoo and Magic Kingdom. “We had great weather most of the time and went to the beach at least once a week. Hazel’s favorite part of our trip was playing miniature golf and playing in the sand at the beach,” said Kristy.
Matilda Rogers has released three original songs on the internet music site SoundCloud under the title “T.” “She is 14 years old and took singing lessons with Theresa Land but now teaches herself as well as the piano and ukulele,” said her mother Laura Rogers. Rogers has won talent contests at the Southeast Alaska State Fair and performs at local showcases.