Monday, Sept. 2

A caller reported he kicked a woman out of his house and wanted the matter documented.

A person reported the float at the Chilkat Cruises dock had been untied, causing significant damage. Police initiated a case.

A caller reported seeing a whale tangled in a long line trailing three red floats west of Shelter Island. NOAA and troopers were advised.

Sunday, Sept. 1

A person reported a hit-and-run on Main Street causing $1,500 to $2,000 in damages. A case was initiated.

A caller reported people arguing near 0 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and separated the people.

A person complained of a tour company picking people up from the dock without a borough permit. An officer responded and determined the company has a state permit but no borough permit. The case was referred to borough administration.

A River Road resident reported being harassed by another person over parking issues. An officer responded and talked to both people.

            One traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Saturday, Aug. 31

A juror in a recent trial said he had been contacted by the defendant. An officer contacted the defendant and told him he could not contact the jurors.

A person reported an RV parked on Main Street and Third Avenue making it difficult for other vehicles to see around it. An officer located the driver, who moved the RV.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding and crossing the center line.

Friday, Aug. 30

A caller reported a man yelling in the Front Street area near Lutak Road. The man was apparently bellowing, “I’m walking down the street.”

A caller reported seeing homemade vehicles coming off the ferry and was concerned they were illegal. Police located the vehicles, which turned out to be legal, licensed and registered off-road vehicles.

A person reported a 9-year-old had broken into a business at 1 Mile Haines Highway and stolen $7 and several knives. The business owner didn’t want to press charges and the 9-year-old returned the stolen goods, but the mother had a police officer come talk to the boy.

A person reported a Lutak Road residence had an unsafe propane system. The resident was told to change the system.

An out-of-state caller requested police investigate unauthorized tenants on a Chilkat Lake property. Troopers were advised.

Thursday, Aug. 29

A caller reported someone hit her parked vehicle in the Dusty Trails parking lot and caused damage. Police initiated a hit-and-run case.

Fire crews responded to a fire alarm at an apartment complex but couldn’t locate smoke or flames.

One traffic stop resulted in two citations for a broken windshield and failure to provide proof of insurance and two warnings for defective taillight and failure to carry registration.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

A caller reported an intoxicated man yelling at a dog inside a Front Street home. An officer responded but the man had left the area.

Troopers requested police assist in conducting a welfare check in Klukwan. They determined everything was fine.

A caller reported a possible drunk driver on the Haines Highway weaving across the line and using incorrect turn signals. Police responded but were unable to locate the vehicle.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

A person reported a dump truck dumping trash near the Ripinsky Trail.

A caller reported receiving a fraudulent call claiming he was the winner of a large sum of money.

A person reported his bag as stolen from the ferry baggage cart while traveling from Haines to Skagway. Police initiated a case.

Dispatch received nine medical calls and one canine call.