Klukwan School students, Emory Tipkemper, Ezra Nash,
Jayden Hotch, Raven Hotch and Anica Tipkemper. view
a Tlingit hat from the region during a field trip in the Yukon.
According to Yukon government anthropologist Sheila Greer,
the Kwäday Dän Ts’inchį man’s final journey involved
foot travel from somewhere in the lower Chilkat River
country (Haines/Klukwan area). Based on the research
, it appears that this male was around 18 years old
had spent the majority of his life eating coastal foods,
but had recently increased his food intake from the
interior. He lived around the 1700s and the hat’s
design and construction is consistent with
that of the Haines/Klukwan area during that
time period. Photo courtesy of Jessica