Christy Meyers and Lance Jorgenson-Geise were married in a private ceremony on Oct. 4.
Keith Ottenfield and his wife Pam, of the Mat-Su area, traveled to Haines last week to show local writer Heather Lende his new tattoo, which said “Find The Good” on his arm. “The title of the book says a lot to me. No matter where I am there is always something good,” said Keith. “Find The Good” was Heather’s most recent book and Keith was inspired by its title and meaning. “I was flattered and honored it made an impression on him,” said Heather.
Klukwan’s fourth through ninth grade students have returned from a trip around the ‘Golden Circle’ last week. Students took the ferry to Skagway and from there traveled to Carcross, Whitehorse, Champagne, and Haines Junction. “We visited local carver Keith Wolfe Smarch, were welcomed by the Carcross/Tagish Council, who gifted our group with a beautiful illustration of the Raven/Light story, had a brief tour of the beautiful Carcross Learning Centre and finally shared lunch and a photo with our wonderful hosts before heading to Whitehorse,” said lead teacher, Jessica Tipkemper. “I was so grateful by how wonderful our hosts were. We were provided with food, shelter, stories, games, and activities with children every place we went. Everyone really went out of their way for us and it was great to reaffirm that bond that the children have with First Nations villages that goes back centuries even if there is a border now,” said teacher Jennifer Marshke, who was able to take her son Archie Dunbar, 3, along for the trip.
Katie Craney has an art piece in the upcoming All-Alaska Biennial juried art exhibition, selected by juror Candice Hopkins, a citizen of Carcross/ Tagish First Nation who currently lives in Albuquerque. The exhibition’s call for entries drew 634 submissions from 161 artists across the state. The show will be on display at the Anchorage Museum from Oct. 19, 2018 through Feb. 3, 2019 before traveling to other venues. “I submitted four pieces from my traveling exhibition, ‘Landfalls: Dedications to Alaskan Women Writers and Storytellers.’” Landfalls was on display this summer at the Pratt Museum in Homer and will be showing at Kenai Peninsula College this November,” said Katie.
Many Haines School classes enjoyed trips to the firehall this week for Fire Prevention and Safety Week activities. Elementary students rode on a fire truck around town and learned how to stay low to avoid smoke if there is a fire. “The kids saw a fireman in his suit and mask and got to spray a cone down with a fire hose. But the highlight was riding the fire truck where one student said, “Everything looks like tiny ants!” said kindergarten teacher Ramie Carlson.
Public library education coordinator Jolanta Ryan runs Fun Science sessions after school on Tuesdays and Thursday. “We do all kinds of fun science things from making edible slime to looking for sea creatures in the tide pools,” she said. Last year the library collaborated with Juneau library and received a NASA grant, which supplied them with equipment to learn about space. They also can borrow equipment from the NASA center. “I’ve been trying to share this NASA fun with kids in the community so we have been playing with it after school. Kristin White’s third grade class came from school and we had three stations set up that the kids rotated around. Erik Stevens, who has worked at a NASA center, taught the kids about light energy and radiation by using an infrared camera to observe infrared radiation in real time,” said Ryan. They also looked at a glowing hot plate, ice cubes and each other’s faces. Holly Davis used the high-powered telescope to look at the moon with the kids, as well as sun oculars to examine the sun. Kids also tried on a space helmet which was used in training at the NASA center and examined food samples of what astronauts eat.
Parker Schnabel stars in season 9 of Gold Rush that premieres Friday on Discovery Channel.