Evelyn Hotch, 83, known as Kaaxkwei in Lingit, died at her Klukwan home on Sep. 10, after being bed ridden for 8-and-a-half years with multiple ailments. She kept the good humor, wisdom, and grace that she was known for throughout her life until the end.
Evelyn Winnifred Hotch was born on June 14, 1935 (^Flag Day^” she would say) in Haines to Clarence and Laura Hotch and spent much of her childhood in the Frog House in Klukwan with her grandparents Annie and Gus Klaneywho was the caretaker. A favorite memory was going to bed surrounded by the carved screens and posts. She was among a handful of elders who were native Lingit speakers and learned English outside her home and at the Klukwan BIA school. She made the old village boardwalks clack every autumn with her new wooden school shoes. It was also there that her tonsils were removedalong with all the other children’sand where she learned to despise cod liver oil.