Ten years ago, Mike Falvey and Liz Marantz-Falvey along with their children Rigel Beckish and Orion Falvey welcomed foreign exchange student Amedeo (Ame) Cornacchione from Parma Italy, into their home to attend high school in Haines. Ame helped the high school boys basketball team win state that same year. The family, along with Rigel’s husband Dylan Beckish and daughter Annabelle traveled to Parma, Italy to see Ame marry recently. Kyle Rush also attended the ceremony with the family. “It was so amazing and beautiful. After 6 days in Parma, Dylan, Annabelle and I went to the Mediterranean coast and stayed in a town called Levanto, Italy for 5 days. My parents then went backpacking in Greece,” said Rigel. Highlights of the trip were the great food, wine, and viewing the beautiful architecture, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and reconnecting with Ame and his family. Orion and Kyle also spent time in Spain prior to the wedding.
Marsha Hotch has returned from a Social Justice summit in Juneau last week. She attended the warming of hands ceremony and witnessed Governor Bill Walker signing A O 300 that night which requires an emergency order from the state to support Native language revitalization efforts, including incorporating Native languages in public schools and universities. Also Native languages on public signs and consulting with tribes and Native organizations. “I have to say after being involved in Tlingit Language revitalization for the past 20 years, that night was very encouraging for me. 20 years ago, there were just small groups here and there learning language, but walking into that room that night made me reflect on where we were 20 years ago and where we are today,” said Marsha. The room was filled with multi-generational groups, leaders of community’s, administrators, and more gathering because of Alaska’s 21 languages including English to support them so they will not fade out. “Makes me feel hopeful for my language to survive. I am thankful for who God made me to be” Marsha added.
Jolanta Ryan has just returned from her college roommates wedding in Lyons, Colorado. “It was great to reunite with some of my college friends and enjoy some heat but man it is really dry there. It is nice to come back to the moist weather.” said Jola. On her way home, she picked up her husband, Brad Ryan’s mother Joyce Ryan in Seattle. Joyce is coming to stay with the family for a while and help with their sons, Atlin and Elias and new puppy Duke.
John Svenson received a third-place award for his original piece “Dream Bivouac” at the 44 Annual Alaska Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition this year. Two years ago, he received a first-place award for his watercolor of climbers approaching the base of Mount Everest. John competed with almost 300 entries from around the state and his original piece can be seen at his art gallery shop on Mud Bay Road.
The Haines Dolphins Swim Team currently has 65 registered swimmers and coaches are looking forward to the season. This year, the coaching staff is welcoming new coaches Sarah Elliott, Maggie Martin, and two junior coaches Lydia Andriesen and Dylan Chapell. Returning coaches include Jim Green, Jo Goerner and Jackie St. Clair. Sarah is a former Dolphins swimmer, with daughters Ivy and Caroline Elliott currently on the team. Lydia and Dylan also swam on the team as well. Maggie is a water-safety instructor who will be coaching our learn-to-swim program Little Dolphins. The Dolphins first away meet will be the Ryan Downing Memorial meet in Whitehorse at the beginning of November. If you are interested in joining the team, please head to the pool during 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, to talk with coaches.
Jason Verhamme and sons Wesley and Jordan have returned from a month-long moose hunting trip in Trapper Creek, just 50 miles south of Denali. They got one moose and in the down time helped build a deck, process potatoes and meat for friends Randy and Laura Harvey.
Sarah Jaymot recently gave away almost 200 ice cream cones for her end of the summer celebration at her Second Avenue coffee shop last week. The lines were out the door and it made for a memorable Friday afternoon for many kids.