Haines is down to four gas stations as of last month.

Delta Western’s self-service gas station across from the post office is out of commission indefinitely, said local Delta Western manager Fred Gray.

An outdated banking software system used at the pumps doesn’t mesh with the station’s credit card security system. The roughly $40,000 price tag to replace new banking software is too high to justify keeping the station open, Gray said.

Gray said he first noticed issues between the banking software and the credit card security system last fall.

“I’m driving to work and I see a white piece of paper hanging out of [the pump’s receipt dispenser],” Gray said. “It was about 20 feet long and I thought, ‘what the hell?’ I pulled in and it’s everybody’s full credit card number for the month. It just spit it out, out of nowhere. I took the paper out so it wouldn’t print a receipt.”

Delta Western decommissioned the station, which it has owned since 2000, in July.

The company has no plans for the building, Gray said.