So many times we criticize and complain about government, especially our local one, the Haines Borough Assembly. I would like to acknowledge and thank all of the Haines Borough Assembly people for making our pool free for youth 17 and under. It was a generous and progressive action that deserves acknowledgement.

Swimming, in a coastal fishing town in Southeast Alaska, is a safety skill we all need to provide our kids with. Swimming is also fun, keeps one in great physical shape, and helps us all develop healthy coping mechanisms to stress as we navigate through life.

Between the Haines Dolphins Swim Team, a wonderful pool facility and staff, and a progressive and supportive assembly, we are now sending a loud and positive message to youth and families in the Chilkat Valley that says, “youth matters, water safety matters, physical and mental wellness matters.” Thank you so much Haines Borough Assembly!

Suzanne Vuillet-Smith