I offer my sincere gratitude to the individuals who helped deliver my lost wedding ring back to me. While in Haines earlier this spring, I lost my ring. I backtracked many of my steps around town with no luck. Staff of the Aspen Hotel knew it was missing and I had reported it to the police station. I even gained access to the Haines Buy-Sell-Trade just so I could spread the word. On one occasion, I was informed of a lost ring, which in the end was not mine. But recently, I was overwhelmed with joy when Ms.(Shaleena) Bott from the Aspen Hotel sent me my lost ring in the mail. Just days before she sent it to me, someone had found it outside the hotel and brought it in to the front desk. I thank the good people of Haines who played a part in the return of my ring, and in particular, Ms. Bott. Thank you all!

Jesse Hankins

Glennallen, AK