Monday, June 23

    Police initiated a case involving a resident who appeared to be conducting commercial tours without a permit or license.

  Police initiated a case for trespassing and the theft of fill from a property in the Skyline Estates area.

   A tsunami warning was received for the Alaska coastline following an 8.0 magnitude earthquake near Amchika, Alaska.

   Canadian authorities asked for information on an Alaska vehicle. Dispatchers assisted.

    Police helped a motorist with vehicle problems on Lutak Road.

   A Second Avenue resident asked police to conduct extra patrols near his residence, which is under repair.

Sunday, June 22

  A Whitehorse resident reported someone stole her wallet overnight while she was camping in Tlingit Park.

     A person turned in a lost credit card found at the Port Chilkoot beach.

Saturday, June 21

    A caller reported someone stole his stuffed penguin from the tree outside his Piedad Road residence.

    A caller asked for help with people stranded in Meziadin Park in British Columbia. Dispatch provided the caller with numbers for the Whitehorse RCMP.

            A person reported obnoxious fumes coming from Beach Road. An officer responded and said it was a legal burn.

    A local business owner on Haines Highway reported two people dumped an unknown amount of glass on their business property, which was closed. The property owner contacted the people and reported their vehicle information to police.

  A caller reported hearing a woman screaming from a fishing vessel as it passed the Portage Cove campground. Troopers were advised and reported no further response was required.

   Police served a protective order on a Haines man.

Friday, June 20

   A person reported a vehicle parked in the harbor parking lot for more than 48 hours. The owner was told to move the vehicle.       

   A caller reported a person dumping what she believed to be bags of household trash in the Tlingit Park trash cans. She followed the person to a local establishment and then reported it to police.

   Police accompanied borough personnel to a Skyline Estates residence for an ongoing civil issue.

   A caller reported a theft of medication and some change from her Dusty Trails apartment. She didn’t want police to pursue the issue, but only wanted to document it.

   Traffic stops resulted in warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and speeding.

Thursday, June 19

   A caller reported a vehicle parked in the handicap zone without a permit in the harbor parking lot. Police warned the driver, who moved the vehicle.

    A Main Street business asked for help with a landlord/tenant issue and was referred to legal aid services as it was a civil situation.

    The harbormaster advised the Coast Guard communication system was down and police would need to monitor the frequency until it was fixed.

Wednesday, June 18

     A Deishu Drive resident reported a concern about a designated smoking area, which he felt was too close to a fuel tank and his front door. Dispatch provided the caller with information on borough ordinances and the fire department.

   A caller reported skateboarders on Lutak Road riding in the traffic lane. Police responded but were unable to locate the skateboarders.

   A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Tuesday, June 17

     A Deishu Drive caller reported someone had yelled at him. Police determined this was part of an ongoing dispute, interviewed the caller and said he should obtain a protective order from the court if he felt there was a threat.

   A Deishu Drive resident reported a person was being loud and disorderly. Police spoke with the caller about the ongoing dispute, but determined nothing criminal had happened.

   Traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding.

    Dispatch received 12 medical calls and four canine calls.