Building and nurturing the relationship between the community, its children, and the Police Department is imperative in any thriving community. Promoting positive relationships keeps men and women in the line of duty safe from harm.

Thank you for all who came to the Police Week Kick-Off Party to show your support. We are grateful for you. Special thanks to the individuals and businesses that donated items to support our mission: The Rusty Compass and Lee Robinson for the raffle gift card, Mountain Market for the coffee punch card, Will Prisciandaro for the obstacle course stumps, Mud Bay Lumber Company for the 4×4’s and 2×4’s for the obstacle course, True Value for a portion of the stain, Neeshan Weerasinghe for the labor, Miles Furniture and Candi Bradford for the photo booth, Samantha Clay at Lynn Canal Counseling for the goodies and coffee for the officers, Jolanta Ryan for the police “vitamins,” Lori Carter for the rhubarb cake, Melissa Ganey for the cake-walk cupcakes, and Celeste Grimes and Max Jusi in dispatch who gave their time publicizing, setting-up and tearing down the set.

Thanks to the officers in town this busy week who attended. Thank you, Chuck Mitman, for being our hot dog chef, and balloons donated by Montessori Moments. Thank you, Al Badgely, for the fire hall. In addition, thank you to the student volunteers and anyone I left off the list. Thank you for all you do to make Haines a better place for our children to grow up.

Candice Scott