When I read that two major U.S. retailer stores have voluntarily ceased the sale of AR-15 type weapons I felt a sense of hopefulness that America would end the senseless deaths of innocent people by these weapons. I believe that many in Haines feel as I do; that these types of weapons have no place in our community.

The Las Vegas shooting where 59 people died, and another 515 were wounded by a lone gunman firing his weapons from 32 stories above the ground should have been enough for us to change our acceptance of these types of weapons in our civil society. How unfortunate that it has taken the deaths of 17 people in Florida to awaken a sense of outrage in our country.

I am one of many who will do all that I can to support the demands of the surviving students that we ban the sale of these kinds of weapons and enact other reforms to do our utmost to protect our children, families and communities from incidents like Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida. I, as well as many others, would celebrate the announcement from our gun retailers in Haines that they will not sell these kinds of weapons or any accessories that can be used to create them. That would be a welcome step since our legislators can’t be relied upon to enact regulations to secure our safety. I would also celebrate the ending of the ludicrous suggestion that we arm our teachers.

John Norton