Is the purpose of Tier 3 protection to preserve the water quality of the river in order to save the fish, or preserve our town (keep mining out)? Water quality of the rivers in our valley are similar in nature, being fed by high snow-packed mountains, which geologically are full of minerals (or toxins depending on what you’re trying to do). We have megatons of the mountains being pulverized into dust and mixing with our waters 24/7 which have gone on for eons (a failing mine with no regard to the environment couldn’t compete).

My guess is our river water quality is something super dynamic and not stable over a long period. I know in our minds we believe the world revolves around us and we have the power to control things, but I’m not so sure.

Even to preserve water quality (which seems impossible in our natural system) is a small part in the fish’s survival. What has happened to the King salmon fishery? I don’t believe water quality is the issue here. Preservation: the concept goes against laws of the universe, something humans constantly battle. Learning and understanding this is something we could all benefit from, especially Haines. One direct way to save the fish, maybe to stop killing them, is let them run freely at their one chance to have sex. Seems reasonable.

Jon Hirsh

Concerned Environmentalist