Once again, the cycle of hiring, firing and paying settlements continues. I see no precedent, nor contractual obligation to pay a post resignation bonus to a former employee who resigns of his own free will. Congratulations, Tony Habra, for receiving a payout greater than most working people’s yearly salary. Congratulations to the Haines Borough for paying out over $100,000 to the last two wonderful executives that we have hired and fired (manager) and paid to resign (superintendent).

Congratulations for paying full moving and living expenses for multiple employees based on a three-year contract, yet no recent recipient of moving and living expenses has met the three-year contract obligation. Is the Haines Borough Assembly simply unaware of the situation with the executive hiring, firing, and bonus payouts, or are they willing participants in this situation?

Either way, the taxpayers are paying serious dollars, and getting nothing in return. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Can’t afford a music teacher, but can afford to pay a former employee a $66,000 bonus. What exactly does the superintendent do? Does anybody know? Do we really need one for under 300 students in one school? Can we please stop this insanity?

Fred Einspruch