Local and state musicians will rock out this weekend at the Chilkat Center and Pioneer Bar to raise money for Haines girls to attend this summer’s Haines Girls Rock Camp Alaska.

The Monica Lettner Band, a blues and rock group, and The God Particles will perform at 10 p.m. Friday night at the Pioneer Bar. Admission is $5.

On Saturday, both bands, along with singer songwriters Amanda Randles and Larry Zarella, will join in a family friendly performance at the Chilkat Center at 7 p.m. Two of last year’s Haines Girls Rock campers, Natalie Jobbins and Nora Prisciandaro, will perform as well. Admission is $10.

Jobbins, 13, will give a solo performance on the piano.

Girls Rock Camp Alaska executive director Monica Lettner said the camp will be offered at the Mosquito Lake Community Center where the girls have a choice to learn guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocals.

Weekend show proceeds will help Haines girls with camp tuition and supplies. At camp, students learn to play a new instrument, form a band with the other students, and write a song that they will eventually play on the main stage of the Southeast Alaska State Fair. Base tuition is $350 per student.

“By the end of the week, somehow miraculously they all have written a song and they are all ready to perform them,” Lettner said.

Teachers help as each band and its members learn their instruments and write their songs.

Jobbins said she’s excited to head back to camp this summer to learn more about music and perform with her peers.

“I like how you have your own freedom to be you at the camp and you’re not pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with, but you’re pushed to the point where you can do it,” Jobbins said. “It always helps me.”

Lettner said 15 girls have already registered for this summer’s camp. Youths aged 8-18 are eligible to register. Lettner said they have capacity for 40.

No musical experience is necessary and students already familiar with one instrument are encouraged to try something new.

According to its website, Girls Rock Camp Alaska, women hold only 3 percent of “clout positions” in the mainstream media, including in the entertainment industry.

“So for a few events (a) year, we bring together young women with adult women mentors for a unique experience of music collaboration and exploration of pertinent topics about this issue,” the website states. The camp runs July 24-29.