It is incredibly wonderful to be a part of a school and community that work together to benefit our students. The schoolwide celebration of Elizabeth Peratrovich Day and the Healthy Choices Workshop for the middle and high school students were awesome! We could not, however, have done it without help. A big thank you to Marilyn Wilson, Alaska Native Sisterhood and the Chilkat Dancers, for being a part of our celebration. Ellen Larson, Ryan Harms, Mandy Ramsey, Ryan Salmon, Lenise Henderson, Jeffrey Moscowitz, Kate Fossman and Lisa Schwartz from SEARHC, Josh Dryden and Brayton Long from the Haines Police Department and Britta Tonnessen Rene from AWARE all did workshops for our students giving them an opportunity to learn new strategies and skills for staying healthy and safe. Mrs. Benassi and Ms. Brumfield organized these events and rallied the staff, students and guests to make this happen. Thank you everyone for giving our students your time and sharing your expertise; it is truly appreciated by all.

Rene Martin

Principal, Haines Borough School District