Our holiday present to the community is our new exhibit on “White Fang: When Hollywood Came to Haines,” which opens Dec. 2 at 5 p.m. This look back celebrates the 25th anniversary of the movie’s launch. But as those of us who were here at the time remember, Haines’ involvement made for an exciting year prior to that launch. Come and reminisce with us and share your stories and memories. The magic of Hollywood included potato flake snow and wax sprayed on facial hair. It included rubbing elbows with famous actors and dressing in period clothing that made using a porta-potty pretty difficult. There were long stints of waiting and great jobs holding guns to ward off bear attacks that were highly unlikely to occur. Hollywood took over our town, filling our bedrooms and feeding our economy. It was a unique burst of economic development. And now, it has become a moment of nostalgia in our community memory. I look forward to sharing that nostalgia with you during this holiday season.

Helen Alten, Director, Haines Sheldon Museum