I wonder if the borough assembly is drinking the state Kool-Aid? The state of Alaska does not have the money to fund adequate ferry service through Southeast yet manages to construct a staging lot twice the size of what we had and then light it at night like a Walmart parking lot when no ships are docked, while Alaska Power and Telephone seizes on the wisdom of raising commercial electrical rates. Now the borough assembly is considering withholding funds to nonprofits due to our budget shortfall, while the manager wants to fund a study of his workplace environment. Granted $2,500 might seem like chump change, unless you are a nonprofit scratching for sufficient funds to provide a meaningful service to the community. I would like to propose the new assembly consider making itself a nonprofit and cut itself off from discretionary spending until it learns to live within its means and stand on its own two feet the way it is suggesting the rest of us do. I keep waiting to wake up from this dream.

Tom Ganner