Monday, Nov. 19

A caller requested assistance contacting a relative who was on a fishing boat on the south side of Sullivan Island. She had not heard from the relative in about a week and was concerned because he did not make contact as planned. The U.S. Coast Guard located the fisherman and notified the caller that he was fine.

Sunday, Nov. 18

A caller reported strange noises at her residence on upper Young Road. An officer responded but found nothing out of the ordinary.

An individual reported a stolen vehicle. The vehicle owner had given permission for the vehicle to be used by one person while they were out of town, but had heard a third party had been driving the vehicle. The individual was informed the issue was a civil matter.

A caller reported a noise in her residence on upper Young Road. Dispatch asked the woman if she wanted extra area patrols. She refused but asked officers to keep an eye on her property during regular patrols.

A caller reported an alarm sounding in an unoccupied residence on Lynnview Drive. An officer responded and found a smoke alarm going off without signs of smoke or fire. Dispatch contacted the caretaker.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for an expired license and failure to stop at a stop sign. Another traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for headlight and taillight violations.

Saturday, Nov. 17

An individual complained of several inappropriate advertisements on the Haines community website. A person had posted two ads attempting to sell bath salts. The ads were taken down before the police could request the website administrator to do so.

A man came to the station to report he ran over a grate in an alley. There was no damage to the grate.

A man reported his yellow Labrador had gone missing from his vehicle parked outside the library. HARK was advised, but the man found the dog himself later.

Two traffic stops resulted in verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign and exceeding the posted speed limit. One traffic stop resulted in a citation for expired registration.

Friday, Nov. 16

A caller requested an officer patrol the area around the ferry terminal to look for her daughter. The woman said her daughter had called her on a bad connection and mentioned a “wreck” somewhere near the “ferry terminal.” Police investigated and found the daughter had accidentally called her mother, who had apparently misinterpreted what she heard from the other end of the line.

An anonymous caller reported a man smelling strongly of alcohol and staggering about had gotten into his vehicle to leave Klukwan. Troopers responded but could not locate the man.

A caller reported finding unauthorized charges to a local bar on her credit card. The woman contacted her bank, and the police haven’t heard back from her.

Police responded to a complaint regarding an unwanted male at a residence in the upper Young Road area. Residents reported the acquaintance showed up unannounced. Police transported the man away from the area and told him to stay away from the residence or be charged with trespassing.

A man came to the station to report several guns had been stolen from his residence at Mosquito Lake. The man had been keeping the guns in a storage facility and couldn’t say whether the guns had been missing for months or years. Troopers are conducting an investigation.

Officers issued six verbal warnings for failure to stop at a stop sign, expired registration, expired tags, defective headlight, expired license, and defective taillight. A traffic stop resulted in a citation for driving without a license.

Thursday, Nov. 15

A caller reported a drunk driver swerving and hitting the guardrail in-bound at Mile 10 Haines Highway. Police arrested the driver at 4 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller requested sand assistance from borough road crews after his vehicle slid off the road by the garbage dump gate at the end of FAA Road.

A caller reported dogs at large downtown. Police referred the caller to HARK.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

A 911 call was determined to be an accidental dial.

Tuesday, Nov. 13

Police received reports of slick roads at Piedad Road and the intersection of Second Avenue and Main Street. Callers were advised borough crews were in the process of sanding.

Dispatch received 13 medical calls and four canine calls.