The Hawaii-based bass player Milo Matthews is making his way back to Haines this Friday for a 7 p.m. show at the Chilkat Center lobby.

The show is presented by the Haines Arts Council.

Matthews has performed at the Southeast Alaska State Fair, including alongside Salem and Danny Godinez. He lived in Alaska for 10 years before finding a new home in Hawaii.

Arts council president Tom Heywood said Matthews uses a drum pad, effects pedal and looping machine to combine bass lines, lead guitar riffs and vocals for a layered effect. “You end up with a real rhythmic one-man-band kind of thing,” Heywood said.

Combining jazz, blues, pop and funk, Matthews entertains audiences with original compositions as well as covers embellished with his own unique twist.

According to his website, Matthews was raised in Boston and began playing bass when he was 12. Through his teens and early 20s, Matthews played as a street performer in the subways, often for eight hours a day. He credits the experience with teaching him a lot about music and performance.

Tickets are available at the door for $15.