Membership of an ad-hoc committee charged with “monitoring” the aesthetic design of the Small Boat Harbor expansion project is nearly finalized.

Seated members include chair Jan Hill, deputy chair Diana Lapham, Port and Harbor Advisory Committee representative Don Turner, Planning Commission representative Donnie Turner, Tourism Advisory Board representative Sean Gaffney, and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee representative Burl Sheldon.

The Chamber of Commerce hadn’t selected its representative by the committee’s first meeting on Monday.

The committee didn’t come to any conclusions or make any recommendations Monday, but took comment from about a half-dozen members of the public.

Public facilities director Brian Lemcke this week said the borough should have an artist’s rendition of the project from PND Engineers by the committee’s next meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 10.

Lemcke sent photos of the existing harbor and Lookout Park to PND, which will use digital technology to impose the breakwater, parking lot and other features of the expansion project. Lemcke said the perspective will be from a person standing on Front Street to the south of Lookout Park.

“I think that is a good vantage point to show the structure in relation to the parking lot,” he said.

The committee will meet at Lookout Park for is Aug. 10 meeting.