The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation held a wonderful donor appreciation event June 29. As always with these things, it took many people to pull it off. We thank: Jessica Edwards, her staff and board at the Southeast Alaska State Fair, for the venue and all the set up; Cambria Goodwin for the excellent food; Lisa Blank for the beautiful flower arrangements; Tom and Tia Heywood for the music; Dylan Chapell for technical help with our DVD; Lizzy Jurgeleit for the artistic invitations; Tom Ganner, for pictures; the Alaska Arts Confluence for the puppet display; JoAnn Ross Cunningham, Ann Myren and Jackie Mazeikas for the program; the CVCF board and program committee; and, of course, the Rasmuson Foundation Board and family for hosting the event for us, and for their incredible generosity in offering a $35,000 matching grant to our community foundation, helping us grow our endowment to $500,000, which is our goal for 2015. Finally, thank you to all our donors, who give over and over again so that the Chilkat Valley becomes an even better place to live.We are humbled and grateful for all your support.

Anna Jurgeleit and Crystal Badgley