Representatives of the Rasmuson Foundation this week pledged to match up to $35,000 in donations toward the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation’s goal of a $500,000 endowment by year’s end.

Ed Rasmuson, chair of the charitable foundation’s board, announced the gift at a reception for donors and board members of the local foundation. Rasmuson was here with about 20 representatives of the foundation.

“We think very strongly that community foundations like yours should be supported,” Rasmuson said.

Visitor Sally Bolger followed up Rasmuson’s announcement with a $500 donation. Bolger, a San Francisco writer who also raises money for national parks, said it was a chance to repay the town for generosity she’s been shown here.

“As a person who works in philanthropy, you can become cynical, but when you can match what matters to someone with a need, it’s awesome,” Bolger said.

The evening included a presentation of a $1,000 CVCF grant for a future domestic violence shelter in Haines.